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What is Ninth Runs Wild?

Ninth Runs Wild is the official website for Kristine Synowka and Ninth Crow Studios. The name was chosen for two reasons.

First, it implies that numerous energetic projects will be happening on the website. Multiple projects running concurrently will be a halmark of this website.

The other reason is of more personal importance; Ninth Runs Wild is my oldest story-project.It started as a vague idea while I was in High School, and has been reincarnated several times as my story-telling and art skills improved.

Will the Ninth Runs Wild story be published through this website?

Yes. It does stand to reason, doesn't it? However, currently, NRW is in a much rougher stage of development and it will not be my first online graphic novel. Even though I've been working on it for significantly longer than any of my other projects, I first started writing it as a teenager. Therefore much of the early development has been pitilessly scrapped with love.

Actually, I think this may be typical of early stories. Don't necessarily give up on the idea, but consider it a project you will come back to after you've had a chance to spread your metaphorical wings on a something solidly based on your adult skills. Which brings us to...

What is Wave Tyrant?

Wave Tyrant is an online graphic novel that I've been actively working on and polishing for the past four years. It's a high seas fantasy adventure inspired by Hawaiian mythology, Japanese woodblock prints, and ocean ecology. It is also about sharks and pirates.

Wave Tyrant is the first graphic novel to be published on this site.

Will Wave Tyrant be published in book form?

Yes, it is actually being designed with print in mind. I love books, and origionally had planned on seeking a publisher. However, I want to keep working on the story while it is fresh and exciting to me. In the fall I will be attending graduate school and traditional publishing would be out of the question: it would be impossible to juggle those two at once.

In addition, Marjorie at Lepus Studios has been advocating webcomics to me quite strongly and eloquently. Every day, webcomics are becoming more and more of widely accepted medium for publishing, and I decide to become a part of the excitement.

Flash Games and a Fine Arts Gallery?

Yep. Both fine and comercial arts have had an important part to play on my upbringing. I would love to bridge those two worlds with this website. However, you'll have to wait a while longer for a finished game from me. The flash games section currently contains a series of artistic and programming experiments.

Is this a website for kids? What is the targeted age range?

I would not necessarily say so. The material on this website I would estimate as usually falling in between a rating PG and PG13. There will there will be mild swearing and violence as called for by the art form - let it be noted that I dislike either of these in excess just as much as I dislike being underwhelmed.

If you would like some idea of what to expect, think Spirited Away or Princess Mononoke. Like much of the comics world, Hayao Miyazaki has had a huge influence on me.

That being said, I would not turn away mature children who are enjoying this website with parental permission. There will never be anything vulger on this site.

I found a spelling mistake in on your website, in your comic, and/or flash game.

Quite likely, I am a horrible speller. Eventually, I will have my contact information up, and I would welcome a polite email pointing it out so I can fix it.


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